We have the the most affordable F7 body in 1.6 scale that is as close to the prototype as possible.  We spent almost a year working with original blueprints, and measuring full size locomotives to produce what we feel is a fantastic representation of the F7.  This project started as a plan to build an E9…  Well its much easier to build an F7 first, so thats what I did, and this is the result of that.  I built this for myself, and have had so much positive response that I sold this unit, and am building a few more.  I still plan on building an E9, but am still tracking down truck drawings to iron out some details on those.  I will also offer in the future a kit that includes the basic parts and castings for those that want to do something a little different.

Here are some details about the unit:

  • Full Steel welded frame with channel running the full length of the unit, and a 5/16″ steel deck where all batteries and controls are mounted.
  • Removable welded steel body with inner frame for support.  Light enough that 2 people can easily move it around for maintenance.
  • All laser cut steel parts for exceptional accuracy and looks
  • Perfectly Detailed Nose, including headlight and numberboards, and B-End castings
  • Welded fuel tank and battery box assembly setup for speakers
  • Welded front pilot assembly
  • Tom Bee couplers standard
  • Removable roof panels for easy access to inside unit, including fan castings and welded exhaust stacks
  • Full length or modified side skirts
  • True Stainless grill assemblies
  • Optional Dynamic fan hatch
  • Optional door headlight for units equipped with Mars or Gyralight
  • Optional Mars/Gyralight mount bracket
  • Optional inside switch control panel
  • Optional mounting brackets for batteries


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  1. David, these are magnificent. Extremely nice paint on both of these engines.

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