As the project progresses, I will post updates and photos.


Here is a screenshot of the prototype version new A1A trucks.  All of the parts are at the foundry now, and I should have the final product in a month.


e8-full-assembly-4   e8-full-assembly-2  e8-full-assembly-3e8-full-assembly




I have done a few updates to the test samples of the trucks, mostly internal so that I can use the internal equalizers just like the full size prototype does.  These drawings do not show the nose casting as that is one piece that get attached to the body after assembly.

I have spent considerable time with EMD blueprints and actual measurements from local E-units to make sure these are 100% correct to prototype.  Even the winterization hatches on the roof are correct as I spent a few hours up on the roof of an E8 measuring!

I also have a few more drawings to finish for the main body, and then I will be cutting the first few sets and starting assembly.  I love working in Solidworks as you can find issues and fitment problems before ever cutting a part.  I am also making some new tooling to speed up production of a few of the harder parts.

The E8 will be almost 10′ long, and well over 1000lbs when finished.   Look for my first 2 units in a few months!